With this package, we help with:

- Airport Pickup

- Pre booked Accommodation

Price: From $1,200 


Basic Package plus:

- Assistance with getting a phone line/or getting a phone

- Booking an appointment to open a bank account

- Assistance with acquiring Social Insurance Number

Price: From $1,700


Deluxe package plus:

- Furniture shopping and setup

- Initial grocery shopping

- Basic Kitchen appliances and utensils shopping

Price: From $3,000

Custodianship Application/ Notary

-Getting a custodian for your underaged student

- Filing the Custodianship form

- Notary services for the execution of the form

Price $500

Mentorship Package

This program is purely for underage/undergraduate students. The program seeks to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement, ensuring that students not only thrive academically but also navigate the complexities of maintaining their student status seamlessly.

The core of this initiative is the pairing of international students with experienced mentors or accountability partners. These mentors are former students who have gone through the system and are equipped with an  in-depth understanding of Canada's educational landscape and immigration nuances. They will provide continuous guidance, support, and reassurance to their mentees and assist in keeping the students informed about crucial deadlines, regulatory changes, and the best practices to maintain their status.

The personalized one-on-one sessions and regular check-ins ensure that the international students feel anchored, heard, and empowered to succeed in their Canadian journey.

Yearly Subscription: $2400


We understand family dynamics, lifestyle choices, budget and preferences may defer, so, we offer custom services where you pick from the packages and additional services to make your own suitable package.

If this is the case, we will create a custom pricing for you depending on the content of your package. The Custom package cannot be lesser than services included in the basic package as well as the price.

 Please note:

 Additional Services

 Other Services (Additional fees apply)

- Car purchase/ lease  - $500

- Provision of cooked meals for 1-4 weeks - from $400

- Drafting industry specific Resume - $200

- Winter Gear Shopping